The costs of our fire show

We calculate the prices for the fire show according to a transparent system, which guarantees a fair price for you as a customer and covers our costs.

Whether wedding, company party or birthday, the prices are always calculated according to the same principle.

The travel costs are calculated at 0,50 € per driven kilometer and all appearing fire artists get a fair fee depending on the extent of the fire show! The costs of a single fire-breather are usually only slightly less than the costs of our full programme!

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Mercedes Bus in Flames

Where exactly do costs arise?

  • Consumables
  • Costumes and props
  • Music system and light
  • Storage and maintenance costs
  • Transport, logistics and directions
  • Production processing, office, organization
  • Research
  • Advertising costs
  • Training, fitness and further education
  • Costs for heating and training rooms
  • Artists’ fees
  • Social security contributions
  • A comprehensive and informative website
  • Special liability and health insurance.

The Prices of a Fireshow are high if the Show is very good!

What makes the fire artist a professional?

He works reliably, punctually, passionately and with absolute perfection on a program that no one else can offer and meets the highest quality standards!

We Freaks on Fire have turned a hobby into a profession and we try very hard to keep the prices as low as possible without letting the quality of the shows suffer.

We have a full working day every day of the week, filled with office work, training with the individual props, work in the workshop (building and inventing equipment), working out and training choreographies.

From the fee of the shows, which are mainly held on weekends, the usual expenses for rent, car, insurance must be covered. In addition, the rent for storage and parking space for the bus (Vito + trailer) must be added.

The cost of our equipment such as our music systems, fog machines, fire props, 3 m luggage trailer, the most modern LED technology on the market, specially made costumes, and advertising costs
(event agencies, flyers, business cards, wedding fairs and their fees, website), training courses and expenses for our consumables such as highly purified fluids (less smoke and healthier than normal lamp oil), lycopodium or our special fuels for the huge spark towers.

Last but not least, social security contributions as well as sales and income tax have to be paid. In addition, further training sometimes takes place in the middle of the season and you have to decide then: Earn money with a show or spend money on further education to learn and train yourself.

We pay a fee of 400 € to our artists to acknowledge their qualities and to give you the opportunity to make a living through the shows and to focus your attention on training and safety.

Higher prices arise especially for elaborate costumes like the one in the picture.
Price for costumes / make-up

Why are there fire artists who can offer prices below 300€?

From our point of view the biggest shortcoming of hobby fire shows is safety. Of course it often goes well, but what if something burning flies away or someone is hit? Are the cheap providers then sufficiently insured?

Do hobby artists invest in high quality equipment, or do they turn the penny twice and end up buying the cheap low-budget product? Many fire artists do fire shows as a sideline activity and therefore cannot put the necessary focus on a good presentation and the necessary professionalism.

Part-time work means that the main income is obtained from other sources and, for example, social benefits are already being paid. This results in much lower costs which is definitely an advantage for the price of an amateur fire show.

It may also be that the hobby fire artist does not pay attention to quality in terms of event technology such as music system or stage lighting. This can result in a show being played with music quality that is too low or poor and simply does not create a nice atmosphere.

the picture shows a heart of fire at a wedding and thus generates higher prices
Costs also arise for special equipment.

How does this affect quality?

Many talented hobby artists lack the time for professional training. Our shows consist of professionally elaborated, long trained and refined choreographies, which also takes a lot of time. This has an effect on stage presence and safety in dealing with fire.
Often there is also a lack of appropriate professional liability insurance and this can be dangerous and expensive.

Safety is also a top priority for us. That means: We are equipped with 2 CO2 fire extinguishers, 8 fire blankets, a clearly visible stage boundary and two water buckets in the secured backstage area. We work in a very environmentally conscious manner: not a drop of fluid is sprayed or dumped to protect our environment!

Freaks on Fire only works with experienced fire artists or trains talented artists. Through elaborate productions in the fire community (Phoenix Fire Convention) we maintain many good contacts to other outstanding fire artists from the scene. With us you will not only get fast and spectacular shows, but also a quick answer to all your questions.

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