Are you planning an entertainment program for your festival, your corporate event, or any other event that needs a massive highlight for the evening?
15 meter high spark towers rising into the evening sky and flame-spewing rods will leave your guests in awe. If desired, it can also be combined with laser and LED technology, which integrates your company name, slogan or sponsor live into the show and puts it in the focus for every spectator. We will impress you with unbelievably high artistic technology and breathtaking effects of the absolute superlatives. Trembling basses and ingenious songs from our own PA system let young and old celebrate and make the evening unforgettable.


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On Eventpeppers you will find over 50 reviews and experience reports from our satisfied customers.

The artists are super nice, warm and incredibly likeable

We had a brilliant and breathtaking fire show at our wedding of Freaks on Fire. I can only say the following words. It was the absolute hammer and I can only recommend the guys. Should you book the fire show it will be an unforgettable evening for you. It gets hot and you can’t get out of the amazement anymore.

Simply the hammer, slowly increased up to the absolute highlight of the show, top coordinated, horny music that animates to dance along, could not have been better, the times a little different fire show 🙂

Very good prior coordination and communication, always open for all questions and quick answers, smooth running on the day of the show, on time

We booked Freaks on Fire as a midnight highlight for our annual company party and it was the right decision. Due to the conditions on site we couldn’t decide for the fire show and so we decided to go for the LED show. The interaction of music, the LED’s and the choreography was fabulous.

From the first inquiry to the performance professional support means: quick answers, thinking ahead, responding to your own ideas and wishes and implementing them