You wonder what a fire show is? What is the difference between fireworks and a fire show?

We explain the basics and what added value a fire show brings to your event.

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The show itself!

Fire shows are often performed by solo artists or by many fire artists and offer a personal experience for all guests of an event.

A multitude of props are soaked with flammable fluid (highly purified petroleum) and then a seemingly dangerous but also absolutely exciting and thrilling show is presented. Of course, this is done to a prearranged music and is accompanied by decorative light installations and special effects.

There are many different qualities of a fireshow where we personally attach great importance to a good overall composition. The artistic level as well as the positive charisma of the fire artists are the two most important points for a successful entertainment program.

A fire show is not measured by its length, but rather by its intensity and quality. What’s the point if the artist causes boredom because he spins a burning rope and other props for an unreasonably long time just to perform the show up to 45 minutes and longer? This is not really exciting even for children!

Our shows have a maximum length of 25 minutes to use the full attention tunnel of human beings and create an unforgettable highlight for your event.

A good fire show can, depending on its size, wonderfully entertain between 20 people and 20,000 people and provide either a conclusion to any event or a start to the night.

Fire Show, Fire Artsist, Fire Performer, Show

What is our advantage?

Safety & environmental protection

Safety is our top priority and therefore all our artists take part in qualified fire protection training twice a year.

Among other things, this includes safe handling of a fire extinguisher, regardless of whether it is an ABC powder or Co² fire extinguisher, and the reliable use of a fire blanket. However, it also includes basic safety precautions such as costumes made of fireproof materials or protecting the environment from damage.

As we work with chemicals that are harmful to the environment and water, we attach great importance to clean working methods and environmentally conscious action. Every drop of superfluous fluid is thrown out of the equipment into a collecting tank before the show in order to avoid contaminating the ground or the ground water.

Our large spark effects leave a black residue which is easy to remove and absolutely harmless to the environment. We recommend the following substrates for a fire show.