A fire show for your wedding? Then you are exactly right here, because we are more personal than any fireworks and create an unforgettable highlight at your wedding. One of the most beautiful moments the bridal couple can give each other is a romantic kiss in front of an impressive fire heart.

We show in a charming way what it means to put a hot sole on the parquet and bring best mood to your wedding. A fast-paced and powerful wedding fire show that keeps everyone in motion and is perfect for your wedding celebration.

The romantic heart in flames forms an ultimate highlight here, along with gigantic spark effects and perfect choreography in a class of its own.

A 25 – 30 minutes long fire show de luxe, which animates to dance along, spreads good mood and will remain unforgettable by a combination of high technical level and beautiful effects.

All fiery props are equipped with a special white glowing fire, which certainly sets us apart from all normal fire shows.

Advantages of our wedding fire show

Fire heart photos

Fire photography at the highest level is offered to you by our long-standing partner ThirdEyeGenerations. He is one of the most experienced fire photographers in Germany and will take unforgettable pictures of your wedding together with our huge fire hearts. Of course the pictures uploaded here are in lower quality to keep the loading time of our website low.

Fire show wedding

We had hired the Freaks on Fire for our wedding and we can only say that this was the best decision ever! From the first e-mail on we had the feeling to be in the best hands with the guys and this didn’t stop until the last spark of their show was burned out in the evening. We have never experienced so much professionalism, commitment and customer orientation! It’s a pity that we don’t have such an occasion to celebrate right away, otherwise we would have booked the two again IMMEDIATELY.

  • Planning
    The contact in the run-up was the hammer! I hadn’t sent my mails properly yet, when I already had an answer in my mailbox. And they are not only fast, but also incredibly accommodating and charming! Thumbs up!
  • Artistic quality
    We have never seen such a great fire show!
  • Performance
    Professional, imaginative, innovative, perfectly organized, great music, cool outfit, nothing but also NOTHING to complain about!
  • Resonance with the audience
    The guests couldn’t get enough of the two fire artists and had all flashed through the bank!
  • Recommendation
    We can only warmly recommend them! And would you book them again at any time yourself! Worth every single cent of their money!
Fire show wedding

A breathtaking show, which even sceptics will be 100% satisfied and will really get society going. Sometimes we shed a tear because it is so nice to see how well this show works. The music selection is stylish and absolutely fitting. Our customers are enthusiastic again and again without exception. And we are grateful for the uncomplicated handling, the friendly cooperation and for the fact that the team really has everything under control during the show. Absolute recommendation!

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